About the DYD Team

The DYD team is based at University College London.

The team consists of:

Stuart Linke (Clinical Psychologist)
Jim McCambridge (Alcohol Treatment Research Worker)
Zarnie Khadjesari (Researcher)
Paul Wallace (General Practitioner and Researcher)
Elizabeth Murray (General Practitioner and Researcher)

The content of the website has been written by Stuart Linke and Jim McCambridge. Professor Paul Wallace has overseen the entire project. The software and web app have been developed by Codeface Ltd.

The charity Alcohol Concern endorses the website.

  • The DYD program has been designed to give people the information they need to make careful choices about the role alcohol plays in their life.
  • The DYD team extends particular thanks to Toni Brisby and Charles Elstone who developed the original concept on which the online system is based.
  • The DYD team thanks the Alcohol and Education Research Council who supported and funded the original DYD pilot project and the National Prevention Research Initiative (Medical Research Council) who supported the current version.
  • The DYD team are grateful to Angela Nicholas for revising the design and navigation of the site.